"I have faith in him. I know that he will return to Anteiku."

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Behold, Empire’s top 50 sexiest men of 2013.

Derp! Derp everywhere!

Also, I should add, all my ex-Astral-husbands are on there :D

Jensen should be tied number one with Benedict. JS

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In case you were wondering: Levi’s outfit in ViVi magazine is worth a whopping 60,400 Yen (About $554 USD) altogether! (x)

Heichou’s expensive taste… $___$


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"are you wearing the-"

"the chanel boots? yeah i am"

said sarah jessica parker

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jounin sai having a team of his own and giving them all horrible nicknames and awful lessons on friendship that don’t make any sense

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Sakura Uchiha and Hinata Uzumaki

It sounds so perfect. The thought of their last names makes me still so excited ♥️

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teacher: what's the most tragic story you've ever read?
student 1: romeo and juliet
student 2: the fault in our stars
me: tokyo ghoul
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Tokyo Ghoul - Live AU

So I can’t live either without you or with you


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the world is ever changing;

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showing your friends attack on titan like


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I burned an NS shipper on Instagram XD


(( Text copied from my DM ))

Her: HAHAHAHA SASUSAKU?? YEAH SURE HAVE YOU SEEN LADYGT’S ART?? SHE SHIPS NARUSAKU AND HER DRAWINGS ARE LIKE THE MANGA!! SHE’S POPULAR AND THE WHOLE WORLD CAN NOTICE HER ART AND THINK OF NS SLOWLY HAPPENING. LadyGt is much better than ur weak ass artists. You guys suck as hell! We and LadyGT can kick ur ass out of the Naruto series. Together we make a huge NaruSaku army that can sink ur ships down with the Titanic. ;*

Me: We have Masashi Kishimoto and the manga. :)
She blocked me after that XD
Seriosuly tho, Wtf does LadyGt got to do with the manga? :’)

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Maybe in an alternate universe, we will be together.

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You did nothing wrong.
We love you, Ken.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 confirmed

(And its up on anichart already. Woo.)

Team hype 2.0

I was really worried that they would end the series with that (wonderful episode but) terrible finale.

but this. this is gonna be good.

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Ishida-sensei posted a really long letter to his fans on Twitter after the official release of chapter 143, so I decided to translate it.

(I know levi-the-midget posted another translation a couple of days ago, but that was from Chinese and I’m afraid it’s a little…

This is a relief.

Is he okay, though?

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